Pakistan’s transgender people demand respect


Nadra Khan is campaigning for justice after a bank manager rejected her application to open an account. “People make us dance but enjoy bank accounts. The dancers can’t have one. I perform in functions for my bread. I don’t have any other source of income. You have insulted me,” she said in a video posted on Facebook on Jan. 15. “Most of our community members in Pakistan do not own houses. We can’t loot or steal. Banks should instead provide us interest-free loans for housing, car finance and business. Do something good.” Khan, who registered Hazara Transgender Associates last year with the Security Exchange Commission, referred to her recent visit to Meezan Bank in Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan. On Jan. 14, she was informed that the bank’s Sharia board had rejected her request to open an account because of “un-Islamic” income.

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