ADDED ON: 12/12/2022

Orthodox Judaism can be difficult for LGBT Jews, but the tide is slowly turning

12/11/2022 | Brooklyn Eagle

Yeshiva University, the storied modern Orthodox Jewish university in New York, is in the midst of a legal battle over its refusal to recognize the YU Pride Alliance, an undergraduate club. While YU does not object to LGBTQ students’ presence, it claims that the club is inconsistent with Jewish teachings. The Pride Alliance sued the university for discrimination in 2021, and YU countered that being required to give the club official status would violate religious freedom. As the legal case drags on, YU made a move that outsiders may find puzzling. In October 2022, it launched a university-sanctioned alternative LGBTQ club. Calling it Kol Yisrael Areivim, the administration touted this initiative as a compromise balancing Jewish law and YU’s values with students’ needs for a safe space.


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