Nigerian church to anti-gay Americans: You’re not anti-gay enough


Henry C. Ndukuba, archbishop of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, has declared there’s “no such thing as a ‘gay Christian’ “. In a statement, Ndukuba criticized the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), which broke away from the Episcopal Church over its acceptance of gay clergy. Ndukuba cited a recent pastoral statement from ACNA that used the description “Christians who experience same-sex attraction” as preferable to the term “gay Christian”. Holding to the discredited belief that “conversion therapy” can alter people’s sexual orientation, the ACNA bishops wrote compassionately about “many who are Christians with same-sex attraction within our own Province in North America”. They wrote about people who are “praying that these attractions would be lifted from you in one form or another, and yet you continue to live with this profound reality. We have heard some of you describe feeling as though you do not belong among progressive Christians who support same-sex marriage, but also feel alienated from your fellow orthodox Christians because of these attractions.”

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