New Zealand locals send record 100,000 submissions to ban LGBT conversion practices


New Zealand is on its way to become the land of conquering the impossible, and adding another feather to this cap of victories is its new record against conversion practices. More than 100,000 people have lent support to ban LGBTQ conversion practices in New Zealand, which is more than any other legislation. Till now, the government has received nearly 106,7000 submissions for the bill and more are still pouring in with every passing day. “We’ve already made history with this movement and we’re not even done,” said Shaneel Lal, an activist and organiser in the movement to ban conversion practices. “People really and truly care about this because in 2021 it is not appropriate to erase queer identities.” This bill will make conversion practices a crime. If this is passed, nobody can force or even attempt to make someone change their sexuality or gender identity. New Zealand locals have made a record in sending these submissions, which are even more than the previous End of Life euthanasia bill that had record of nearly 40,000 submissions, local media reported. However, the submissions have not yet been processed, so it is still not clear as to how many people have supported the ban and how many have opposed it.

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