Nepal census preliminary report didn’t mention LGBTQIA+, but the community hasn’t lost its hope yet


The constitution of Nepal promulgated in 2015 ensures and protects the fundamental rights of every Nepali citizen regardless of their sex, gender, religion, caste, creed and economic or social status. The constitution, for the first time, also accepted sexual minorities and guarded their fundamental rights the same as others. However, the lack of framework, rules and regulations, guidelines and their poor implementation coupled with the heterosexual norms make it hard for people to come out of the closet and be proud of their identity. And with the new Nepal census, the community closely worked with the authorities to ensure that their numbers are recorded. The community hoped the scenario would change for the better. Anuj Petter Rai, a human rights activist working at Blue Diamond Society (BDS), says people within and outside the  community still feel menial jobs or sex work or fashion are the only options for them. He claims the recognition of the community in the census might change that. He claims there has not been any survey that gives authorities the official data about the population of the community in Nepal. The Nepal census data, hence, should possess the power to bring in a paradigm shift.

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