ADDED ON: 05/05/2020

Muslim LGBT ‘Allies’ Silent as Muslim Attacks on Gays Increase

05/04/2020 | Algemeiner

There’s a new slur trending in Turkey these days aimed at the LGBTQ population: “#YallahHollandaya” or “Go to Holland.” The expression reflects the Netherlands’ longstanding acceptance of homosexuality, having been the first country to legalize gay marriage. But tell that to gay people in Holland, or at least those who venture into certain neighborhoods of Amsterdam where, in early April, two men walking hand in hand were attacked verbally and physically by Muslim youths. Calling the couple “kankerhomos” (“cancer gays”), the boys shoved the men before spitting in their faces — a particularly dangerous assault during the coronavirus pandemic. That at least one of the boys was of Turkish heritage, however, would seem to have been welcome news to Turkey’s leadership and its official religious arm, the Diyanet. Only days after the Amsterdam incident, Religious Affairs Chairman Ali Erbas declared that Islam condemns adultery and “curses homosexuality,” which, he asserted, “causes illnesses and withers the generation.”


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