Mother-daughter therapists focus on BIPOC, LGBTQ communities


For the owners of Magnolia Wellness, LLC, mental health is more than just a brain issue. Rather, say Gizelle Tircuit and her daughter Janelle Posey-Green, emotional wellness goes far beyond what’s inside someone’s head, encompassing their body, their community, their culture and more. That’s why the two women opened their New London-based mental health office in 2016 with a focus on providing a holistic, whole-body-and-beyond approach. Magnolia Wellness works with all people but specializes in clinical services and interventions for people they say are underrepresented or not very well-understood in the mental health field: people of color and the LGBTQ population. The treatments the two employ are a little different, but the goal is the same: to change the landscape of mental health for those populations, the mother and daughter said. “Mom and I have different focuses because our degrees are all so different,” said Posey-Green, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in working with women and young women who have experienced trauma. “The difference in the framework means I look at my clients not just as individuals, but I look at the person in the environment,” she said. “With that said, it would look like not just clinical therapy, but how can we help support you, and do you need other things that can help you function in your environment before we can get to the clinical aspect of your mental health?”

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