ADDED ON: 05/23/2020

Mexico City’s Casa Frida Offers Refuge to the LGBTQ Community During the Pandemic

05/22/2020 | Remezcla

Shelter-in-place measures limit coronavirus numbers, but they also expose the ugly side of staying at home. Calls to domestic violence hotlines have been up across the globe and in some places, LGBTQ individuals have reported family environments that are “psychologically damaging.” But in Mexico City, one group is working to ensure that its LGBTQ community has a safe place to turn amid the pandemic. Earlier this month, the shelter Casa Frida opened its doors to serve LGBTQ people who are struggling at home or who have lost income during an economically uncertain and volatile time. Guillermo Ramírez, the founder of Diversidad 360—an organization that helped establish Casa Frida, explained recently that the shelter is necessary in part because of how businesses across CDMX have closed, affecting the livelihood of vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community. “Casa Frida also opened a line for women who, regardless of their membership or not in the LGBT community, can ask for help from the shelter for experiencing violence in their home. Anyone can contact to donate, volunteer or ask for refuge,” Ramírez told Zocalo.


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