ADDED ON: 12/19/2022

Maria B announces Khunsa Fund for intersex community

12/18/2022 | Bol News

A few days after receiving criticism for her opinion on the film Joyland, renowned designer Maria B established the Khunsa Fund for the empowerment of the intersex population. Julie Khan is the ambassador for the Khunsa Fund, which according to her Instagram post works to empower transgender people in the areas of legal rights, employment, health, and education. Read the caption of the post, “Delighted to announce the Khunsa Fund; the 1st ever empowerment initiative for our Intersex community with Julie Khan as the ambassador.” “Aimed for the legal rights, employment, health & education of the intersex. Lots of wonderful stuff in store insha’Allah ????❤️????#mariab #mariabfatimab.”


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