ADDED ON: 08/04/2021

LGBTQ rights: Sri Lanka still undecided, says govt in response to homophobic police video

08/03/2021 | Economy Next

The government of Sri Lanka is still undecided on LGBTQ rights, but the matter is under discussion and representations have been made by various quarters, a top minister said after a video circulated online of a counsellor openly making homophobic remarks at a police training in Kandy. The video, which surfaced on Twitter Monday (02) evening, showed the counsellor posing the question “Would you like your child to be a victim of a homosexual?” to an audience of police officers who all reply no in unison. The trainer is heard advising the policemen and women against the union of same sex couples, adding that the members of the audience would not have been born had their parents been gay. She also claimed that governments in Sri Lanka have been toppled over their stance on homosexuality.


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