ADDED ON: 11/17/2018

LGBT Migrants Fled Persecution Back Home. Then They Fled the Caravan

11/15/2018 | Daily Beast

For most of the people traveling as part of a thousand-person migrant caravan in the hope of reaching safety at the U.S. border, the group represents their best chance to escape persecution, violence and criminal exploitation in their native countries. For roughly 80 LGBT Hondurans, however, the group itself became a dangerous place—dangerous enough for them to break off into a caravan of their own. Now, American relief groups are mobilizing to ensure that their asylum claims are being taken seriously by an immigration infrastructure that has a long history of poorly handling undocumented LGBT immigrants. “Many more LGBTQ asylum seekers are currently trapped in dangerous detention facilities,” said Jackie Yodashkin, the public affairs director of Immigration Equality, a nonprofit organization that advocates for LGBT and HIV-positive people in the immigration system. “LGBTQ people are 97 times as likely to experience sexual violence than non-trans, straight people.”


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