LGBT Members Allege They Were Made To Disrobe By Police To Prove Their Identity


Agartala, Jan 11 (PTI) Four LGBT members were arrested by the police here and made to disrobe in a police station to prove their identity, according to an FIR filed by one of them. They were also made to write an undertaking that they will never wear cross dress or cross makeup and if they are found in such an attire anywhere in the city in future they could be arrested, the FIR said. The incident had allegedly taken place after the four emerged from a party in hotel in the city on Saturday night and the FIR was filed by one of the four on Monday after they were allowed to go. The FIR, which was made available to mediapersons here on Tuesday, said that a photo journalist, who claimed to be reporter, was also with the police in the incident. According to the FIR, the four persons were charged with extortion and taken to West Agartala women’s police station where they were made to disrobe by both male and women police officers who were present there. “In the police station we were asked by the police to open our clothes and disclose our gender. The most embarrassing thing was that the police kept our wigs and inner garments in the police station”, the FIR said and demanded justice. The FIR said that they were charged with extortion without any proof .”It is a completely false charge”, it said. The four LGBT community members claimed that their Right to Privacy had been violated as well as those provided by Section 377 of National Legal Services Authority judgement of the Supreme Court.

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