ADDED ON: 11/22/2018

LGBT Couples With Migrant Caravan Hold Mass Symbolic Wedding at Mexico-U.S. Border Town

11/19/2018 | Newsweek

After making the arduous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a caravan of thousands of Central American asylum seekers, at least seven LGBT couples were able to celebrate their love openly, participating in a symbolic mass wedding ceremony in Mexican border town Tijuana on Saturday. Video of the ceremony captured by British newspaper The Telegraph shows one couple, Pedro Nehemias Pastor de Leon from Guatemala and Erick Alexander Duran Reyes from Honduras, exchanging wedding rings before tossing a bouquet out to a cheering crowd. “This is a dream come true because in our countries you don’t see this and we always wanted it and today we have this opportunity and we are very happy, really happy,” one of the newlyweds told the newspaper.


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