ADDED ON: 05/10/2022

Labor commits to religious freedom and LGBTQ protections but no timeline.

05/09/2022 | The Age

Labor will seek to legislate a religious discrimination act and scrap the ability of schools to expel gay and transgender students at the same time should it win government, but won’t give a timeline for pursuing the issue in the next parliament. Tensions resurfaced in the Liberal Party on Sunday as Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended his plan to revive the contentious religious discrimination bill if re-elected, prompting moderate backbenchers to restate their preparedness to cross the floor to protect LGBTQ students. Asked how Labor would approach the matter in government, frontbencher and campaign spokesman Jason Clare said the party had committed to dealing with the issues together by introducing its own religious discrimination bill while amending the Sex Discrimination Act to strengthen protections for LGBTQ students.


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