Corrie Mattie came to Los Angeles after growing up on the East Coast and knowing it is a competitive industry for creatives. The uncertainty of this, in addition to the uncertainty when the pandemic began last year, made her heart want to paint impactful messages that would reach her admirers. Mattie describes her style as “pop street art”, inspired by artists like Banksy, who inspired her to do white and black imagery, and Barbara Kruger who blurs and challenges gender norms. Mattie’s unique art motivates people to keep moving, revives culture, and emphasizes movements like LGBT. Mattie quickly gained popularity after creating a mural to spread hope in light of the pandemic. gaining the title “LA Hope Dealer”. At the beginning of the pandemic, she observed her brother, a doctor she greatly admires, come home every day stressed out due to the unknown repercussions of the virus. He helped her think of concepts for her art and they collaborated to deliver positivity across Los Angeles through her work. Her art is influenced by her desire to break boundaries. “I just want to be a trailblazer”, she says as she explained that she wants her admirers to know “they are not alone”. Her favorite thing about being an artist is people’s reactions. Mattie says “People to be able to connect with my work is invaluable, you cannot put a price on it”. This is a beautiful message of how devoted she is to her art and paints with her heart. Mattie has described her purpose as giving back to her community while blurring lines of sexuality and gender roles.

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