Kyrgyzstan man has ‘gay’ carved into stomach in homophobic attack


A bisexual man from Kyrgyzstan was forced to leave the country after suffering two homophobic attacks within the same month. The man, who is in his 20s, said the attacks took place in November in the Issyk-Kul region located in eastern Kyrgyzstan, bordering Kazakhstan and China. The first homophobic attack took place after A.D. left the home of his friend A.A. around 8pm on an early November evening. The two hugged on the street as A.D. waited for his cab to arrive when three men approached them, calling A.A. by his name. A.D. told PinkNews he and his friend were brought to an isolated area where the three men began to beat and insult them. A.D., who had never met the attackers before, decided to report the incident to the police. He had recently attended a workshop from local LGBT+ groups and understood the importance of reporting anti-LGBT crimes.

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