Japanese girl publishes children’s book to make LGBTI community visible


Ui, a 12-year-old Japanese girl, discovered the existence of transgender people while watching a program on public television. Unable to find any children’s books on the subject, she decided to tackle the task herself and publish one. “When I was eight or nine years old, I was watching a program where they explained that there are people who feel a difference between their body and their gender. I asked my parents if it was true and they said yes and this piqued my interest in where these people were,” said Ui in an interview with EFE. In a country where education about LGBTI people is almost non-existent, the young writer began interviewing transgender people, as well as other activists and prominent members of the collective. This included Robert Cambell, an American researcher on Japanese literature who identifies as gay, or Audrey Tang, a non-binary person who holds the Taiwan Digital Affairs portfolio.

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