Jamaica: LGBTs Want Seat At National Table


Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community are insisting that they be included in national campaigns that focus on the protection of the rights of the vulnerable in society. Speaking at a Gleaner Editors’ Forum last week, associate director of policy and advocacy at the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) Shani Bennett said they must be accounted for in the dialogue. “When we talk about inclusion within the society, it oftentimes does not include the LGBT persons, or that’s not the narrative. Inclusion means everybody else but LGBT persons. They are never ever named in these inclusionary advertisements the Government may have,” said Bennett. Bennett said that it is an oversight for LGBTs not to be referred to alongside children, the poor, and the disabled as marginalised communnities.

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