It’s wrong to radicalise Ugandans into oppressing queer folks


Recently, the mainstream and social media have been awash with homophobic cries with calls from both the political and religious leaders. Dear, reader this is the only time Muslims, Catholics, Born-agains and other faiths, especially those with Abrahamic roots, are in unison. In their attempt to exorcise the country of homosexuality, which they deemed satanic, they clutch on notions of ‘Africaness’ and culture. The concept of African culture is so difficult to decipher as Africa the continent (as baptised by colonialists) has more than 1,000 polities and it’s impossible to decipher which culture permeates the vast continent in its entirety. For example, I am doubtful whether the customs and practices of the Baganda are akin to those of the Ndebele of Zimbabwe, or the Kikuyu of Kenya, among others. Culture as a form or way of being is historical and contains contestations. Minority voices have always existed but may be ignored or marginalised in major or mainstream historical accounts. The mental map that thinks of a sexual practice as ‘Western’ is funny to the extent that it assumes any form of expression, including sexual expression, must come from out.

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