ADDED ON: 11/27/2022

It took a trip to Australia to find her true self. Now Divina Loloma wants to be Fiji’s first transgender politician

11/26/2022 | ABC

When Divina Loloma was living in Australia, her voice began to change. It was 1987 and she’d left her home country, Fiji, in the aftermath of a violent military coup. Sydney would offer her safety and better opportunities for education. However, it didn’t take long for Ms Loloma to discover much more — a place where she felt she could truly be herself. “Coming to Australia in 1987 was something that was eye-opening for me,” she told the ABC. Growing up male, in an indigenous Fijian family with strong traditional beliefs, Ms Loloma said she had always felt slightly different. In high school, she found herself attracted to men but did not identify as gay. At 25, Ms Loloma met two people who would change the course of her life: transgender Pacific Islander women named Erona and Divina, who were living in Sydney at the time.


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