ADDED ON: 05/30/2020

Israel: New government could bring real change for LGBT community

05/28/2020 | YNet News

While many were disappointed at the sight of this bloated amalgam called Israel’s 35th government, maybe, just maybe it will be the one to actually take steps to improve LGBT rights in this country. Many Blue & White voters who were deeply disappointed by party leader Benny Gantz for breaking his promise not to join a coalition headed by an indicted man, and had hoped for a different government. Even those who were all for a unity government probably didn’t want this particular one, which was formed in such nauseating process of ministerial invention and unbridled job distribution. But if there is any remaining hope among these voters, it’s the small ray of light that conditions will change for the country’s proud LGBT community. But this will only happen if those public officials who made it into the Knesset clutching the multicolored pride flag are brave enough to wave it from the plenum too.


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