ADDED ON: 03/06/2023

Israel: First summit of LGBTQ+ professionals, students next week in Tel Aviv

03/05/2023 | i24 News

An international summit organized by Israel’s LGBT Tech and Madrid’s IE University will allow students and professionals in the LGBTQ+ community to “inspire and support” each other on March 16 in Tel Aviv. It will be the first edition of LGBT+ @ Work – one of the largest and oldest LGBTQ+ professional conferences worldwide – to be held outside of Europe. LGBT Teach has partnered with Tel Aviv Tech, the coastal city’s municipality, and the Guts creative agency to bring leaders from around the world to the summit and give participants a voice that will be heard across the globe. Supported by a wide range of leading sponsors and partners, the event aims “to inspire and support a generation of emerging LGBTQ+ professionals, while providing space for the world’s biggest brands to experience new frontiers of diversity, equality, and inclusion.”


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