Iran’s anti-LGBT military law blamed for murder of gay man


Three men murdered 20-year-old Alireza “Ali” Fazeli-Monfared on Tuesday in the Iranian city of Ahvaz allegedly because they learned the Iranian military exempted him due to “moral and sexual depravities such as transsexualism.” Iranian news organizations outside of the Islamic Republic reported on Friday and Saturday about the anti-gay and anti-transgender murder of Fazeli-Monfared after at least two members of his family became aware of a letter from the Iranian regime’s conscription military organization declaring him ineligible because of his sexual orientation. According to a report on the website of IranWire, “At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Alireza had a phone conversation with his mother for the last time,” Aghil Abyat, Alireza’s closest friend, told IranWire. “Then his half-brother came to him and on the pretext that their father wanted to see him, got him into the car and drove him outside the city.” The three males took Fazeli-Monfared, who is a member of the Iranian Arab minority in the Khuzestan province, and went to the village of Borumi near the capital of Ahvaz and murdered him during the night. The London-based Iran International news website wrote that “LGTB (lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexual) activists have blamed Iran’s compulsory military service laws and regulations for the alleged ‘honor-killing’ of the gay, transgender man in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz on May 4.”

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