ADDED ON: 12/09/2022

Indonesia’s new sex laws ‘nail in coffin’ for LGBTQ rights

12/09/2022 | Straits Times

JAKARTA – Indonesia’s legislation banning sex outside marriage represents a major new threat to the LGBTQ community’s rights in the conservative country, where same-sex unions are not recognised. “It’s another nail in the coffin at the moment – a big nail,” Mr Dede Oetomo, an activist with the LGBTQ rights group GAYa Nusantra, told Agence France-Presse. Once enacted, the legislation approved on Tuesday in Parliament would punish sex outside marriage with one year in prison, while unmarried people living together could face six months in jail. The reforms make it riskier for gay couples to live together openly in a country where they already face widespread discrimination and anti-LGBTQ regulations, according to activists.


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