ADDED ON: 03/12/2023

India’s LGBTQ revolution: paving the way for global change?

03/11/2023 | South China Morning Post

Aditi Anand and Susan Dias want to get married in India, and they are willing to fight for it. For more than a decade, the couple have put in the hard work of building a life together. They bought a house, adopted a child and co-founded companies. They came out to their families, and marched in pride parades. This year, Anand and Dias were in the first group of Indians to petition the Supreme Court for the legal right to marry. In doing so, they have come to symbolise a remarkable wave of change in the country, where grassroots lobbying and aggressive litigation have converged in recent years to shape one of the world’s most effective movements for rights for LGBTQ people.


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