ADDED ON: 12/19/2022

Inclusive Healthcare! In A First, Cloud Clinics Launched For LGBTQIA+ Community In Bengaluru

12/18/2022 | The Logical Indian, the world’s first health and wellness cloud platform devoted to LGBT healthcare, has launched a cloud clinic in Bengaluru, where global experts will work alongside doctors from local community clinics to deliver treatments. After Vietnam, India is now the second country to have this initiative. It would provide a space with clinical competence and no judgment for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to communicate their difficulties openly. Many doctors lack expertise in treating members of the LGBT community across the world, especially in countries where LGBT laws are still in their infancy. However, in countries where laws regarding the community are in place, doctors see them more and treat them for extended periods, said Dr Wei Siang You, founder and chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group. He added, “Such doctors, within and outside India, will support doctors in the local clinics.” Services include HIV treatment, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and cancer, all of which have different risk profiles for LGBT community members. It will also include counselling and family planning.


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