In são paulo, the cultural center is re-opened


A little more than a year after it was created as the Cultural Itaim, it will be re-opened by the mayor of Sao Paulo on Friday, the 29 with the new name of Centre for Cultural Diversity (CCD). Today, the museum works in a small space with exhibits in the Republic of the U-Bahn station. In the new cultural centre, a building in the complex is a partially graphite-with all the colors of the rainbow, while the library has a series of books on LGBT-related topics. “It is of fundamental importance that the city has a dedicated space for it. In a way, that we will be able not only to keep to the schedule, which is one of the largest in the city, to the home, but to find a space that is completely dedicated to it,” said the Secretary of the culture, and Alexandre Youssef.

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