ADDED ON: 09/23/2022

In divisive election, Brazil’s trans candidates face threats, intimidation

09/22/2022 | Thomson Reuters Foundation

At her campaign headquarters, Brazilian congressional hopeful Duda Salabert gently lays out the newspaper clippings sent to her in August. Her photo is on many of the pages, and Nazi swastikas and profanities have been scribbled over them. “You are a danger to society,” reads one. “You need to be isolated as soon as possible, preferably in a concentration camp.” Salabert, 41, said all the threats are directly related to her identity as a trans woman, which has made her a target of scorn from right-wing groups. Among more than 30 trans candidates tracked by the National Association of Travestis and Transgender People (ANTRA), about 80% have received threats or been intimidated during this election cycle period, said researcher Bruna Benavides.


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