ADDED ON: 02/26/2023

In Cantal, A Rural Reception Center Allows Young LGBT+ People To Come And “Recharge Their Batteries”

02/25/2023 | Globe Echo

It is nicknamed the Lourdes of Cantal. A small village of three hundred inhabitants, Quézac is home to a Marian sanctuary which, from the 14th century, became a popular place of pilgrimage. A still active community of nuns, installed in a building facing the church square, welcomes pious travelers and Catholics on spiritual retreat. There was a time when the sisters also hosted pilgrims in one of the sand-colored houses a stone’s throw from the sanctuary. But for the past two years, this building, reinvested by an association, has offered a resting space to a completely different community: young LGBT+ people come here to recharge their batteries during short or long stays.


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