ADDED ON: 03/24/2019

Gay politician Robert Biedron challenges Polish leaders on gay marriage

03/22/2019 | Pink News

Openly gay politician Robert Biedron is demanding the Polish government and president to recognise LGBT+ equality, including same-sex marriage. Biedron, a long-time LGBT+ campaigner who became Poland’s first openly gay MP in 2011 and the first openly gay mayor in 2014, presented five demands for LGBT+ equality in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. The demands include: introduction of civil partnerships, guarantee of marriage equality, protection against hate speech and criminal liability for perpetrators, LGBT+ inclusive education and a gender recognition act. The constitution applies to all citizens and citizens. We are different, but equally important. ” Biedron said, posting a picture of himself standing in front of the palace in Warsaw, a rainbow drawn on the pavement at his feet, on his social media platforms.


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