ADDED ON: 09/19/2022

Gay Likud MK defends Netanyahu’s push for inclusion of anti-LGBT Noam party in bloc

09/18/2022 | Times of Israel

Likud MK Amir Ohana on Sunday defended party leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s push to get anti-LGBT party Noam into the Knesset in the next election, saying he was willing to give up some progress for the community, if it meant getting Likud back in power. Netanyahu brokered a deal to see Noam join forces with the far-right Religious Zionism ahead of the election, with a view to avoid wasting right-wing votes, even though it would mean including the ultra-conservative homophobic faction in a possible coalition. In a Sunday interview with Walla News, Ohana, who is openly gay, said he would like to see Noam as part of the next government, “because I hope that we’ll have enough seats to establish such a coalition.”


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