Gay couples in Brazil marrying sooner for fear of Bolsonaro bias


After 15 years together, social networks manager Marcelo Serrano and designer Wellington Pereti decided to get married immediately instead of waiting until the end of 2019 as they had planned, out of fear of a reduction of LGBT rights in Brazil following the inauguration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro. “We’ve lived together for eight years, but we never made it official. We own a house, a car and a bank account together, and we can lose everything we’ve earned over these eight years,” Wellington told EFE. Same-sex marriages in Brazil have been permitted since late 2011 thanks to a decision by the Supreme Court, and in 2013 the National Council of Justice issued a resolution guaranteeing the right to celebrate gay weddings. “The presupposition of the resolution is the absence of law, so if any contrary ruling is passed, its lack of a legal position cannot withstand it,” Dias said, adding that Brazilian jurisprudence has publicly recommended that gay couples marry earlier as a “precaution” against measures that could be passed by the government that takes power on Jan. 1.

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