ADDED ON: 03/06/2023

First Lady to lead prayers against LGBTQ ‘onslaught’ on family

03/05/2023 | The Star

The LGBT community continues to be condemned countrywide as First Lady Rachel Ruto on Sunday declared it a threat to the institution of the family. Mama Rachel who spoke in Meru county where she attended a church service said the LGBTQ debate is threatening the family structure. “We want to strengthen the family institution where we have a father, a mother and children. LGBTQ is forbidden even in the Bible and the African culture. Let us hold on to family values,” she said. The First Lady has already created a Faith Diplomacy Office which, she says, will be spreading a praying culture across the country.  And she told off critics, saying the new regime was propelled to power by prayers. “We as a people love praying and we got into government through prayers, we can’t say we won’t be praying after all that happened to us,” she said.


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