Finland’s feminist prime minister Sanna Marin comes out swinging for trans people’s right to self-identify


Sanna Marin, Finland’s prime minister, has spoken out about plans to reform the Trans Act to enable trans people to legally self-identify. When asked whether she sees trans women as women, she said: “It’s not my job to identify people. It’s everyone’s job to identify themselves.” The controversial Trans Act requires trans people to undergo lengthy mental health screenings and enforced sterilisation to obtain legal gender recognition. In 2017, a bill seeking to reform the act failed due to a lack of support from MPs. Only eight of the 17 committee members supported the bill. A new bill to reform the act will be put to parliament next year. For the first time, all five parties in the coalition are in favour of reform. Marin said: “Finland has had coalition governments forever. So, we are used to trying to make compromises and trying to find consensus between different parties.”

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