ADDED ON: 02/18/2020

Extending marriage to same-sex couples is good for the Costa Rican economy

02/17/2020 | Reuters

Earlier this month, more than 30 businesses came out in support of extending marriage to same-sex couples in Costa Rica – from major multinationals such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola to well-regarded local companies including Batalla Law Firm, ULACIT and the Business Association for Development (AED) – based on an Open for Business report finding that the freedom to marry will boost our national economy by up to $492 million. It was a moment that just years ago might have seemed impossible – our country’s most recognised companies, who collectively employ tens of thousands of Costa Ricans from coast-to-coast, eagerly raising their voices to affirm that treating families such as mine with respect is a commonsense approach to ensure future prosperity and economic growth. This statement from the business community backing marriage for gay and lesbian couples – the first of its kind in Central America – is testament to a new reality that is emerging more clearly every day: the landscape for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) equality in the region is shifting. Here in Costa Rica, we’re proud to be at the forefront.


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