Even Under Bolsanaro’s Criticism, LGBT Parade in São Paulo Should Attract 12 Percent More Tourists


More than three million people are expected to cross Avenida Paulista, in Sao Paulo, next Sunday, during the 23rd edition of the LGBT Pride Parade, according to the organization. Under the theme “50 years of Stonewall,” the event is expected to see a 12 to 15 percent increase in the number of tourists in the city, according to SPTuris, despite President Jair Bolsonaro’s criticism of LGBT tourism. The expected increase, as well as the growth of all LGBT tourism in Brazil, goes against statements made by President Jair Bolsonaro, who said in late April that Brazil “cannot be the country of the gay world.” In May, the government withdrew its support to LGBT tourism from the National Tourism Plan. According to the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism of the city of São Paulo, the Parade raised R$288 million (US$72 million) during the 2018 weekend.

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