European Court of Human Rights finds Georgia complicit in violence against LGBT demonstrators


The European Court of Human Rights Thursday held against Georgia in a case concerning an attack on LGBT protestors in the capital city Tbilisi. Amidst threats of a counter-demonstration by ultra-conservative NGOs and clergymen, senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior had guaranteed the safety of the applicants, a group of 35 Georgian nationals and two LGBT rights advocacy groups, during a 20-minute silent flash mob on the International Day Against Homophobia. On the day of the demonstration, May 17, 2013, the applicants were attacked at Pushkin Square by 35,000 to 40,000 counter-demonstrators wielding sticks, stones, and batons, and hurling homophobic slurs and death threats. Following an inquiry by the Ministry of the Interior, criminal proceedings resulted in the acquittal of four demonstrators, and imposition of a fine on four others. One proceeding is still pending.

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