ADDED ON: 12/25/2022

Elon Musk challenged by Tesla investor with trans child: ‘You’re punching down’

12/24/2022 | The Pink News

In the same month that he tweeted mocking pronouns, and urged people to follow conspiracy theorists QAnon, Musk reportedly told investors he would not “censor” his views on trans people. According to William LeGate, who live-tweeted a meeting Musk had about Tesla on a public Twitter space on Thursday (22 December), the billionaire stated that while he does not necessarily “hate” trans people, he will not “censor his own views”. “I’m not a hater of anyone, frankly,” Musk said when asked if he “hates” trans people during the meeting. “It does bother me that people use pronouns to just be super judgemental,” he added, using the first-person pronoun “me”.


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