ADDED ON: 05/05/2019

Edmonton students walk out of school to protest UCP education policies

05/01/2019 | Openly

Chanting, “We have voices” and clutching signs reading “GSAs save kids,” more than 100 students walked out of Victoria School of the Arts Friday morning to protest the new Alberta government’s planned education changes. The protesters oppose the United Conservative Party’s intention to proclaim the Education Act, a move that would overwrite additional protections for LGBTQ students and staff the former NDP government added to the School Act in 2017. The Victoria School protest was one of many planned across Alberta Friday morning. The NDP’s changes, called Bill 24, forbid school staff from revealing whether students attend gay-straight alliance club meetings. Bill 24 also requires private schools to create and publicly post student codes of conduct and policies that outline the human rights of students and staff.


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