During COVID-19 this Catholic group wants to warn you about the ‘mass production’ of LGBT+ people


Bill Donohue is an anti-LGBT+ extremist who heads the Catholic League, an American Catholic anti-defamation and civil rights organisation. His previous claims to fame include telling gay people they can’t celebrate Christmas, and stating that Catholic priests’ molestation of children is actually down to homosexuality, not paedophilia. He recently took to the Catholic League blog to lay out his argument for the origins of queer people in an article titled ‘MASS PRODUCING LGBT PEOPLE‘. His inspiration came from the Public Religion Research Institute’s survey on the demographics of LGBT+ Americans, which revealed that five per cent of the population do not identify as heterosexual. Extrapolating from the survey’s results which show that Americans who openly identify as LGBT+ are disproportionately young, white, non-religious Democrats, Donohue decides that sexuality must therefore be a “cultural phenomenon”.

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