Don’t forget about us, say LGBT+ students


LGBT+ students and their supporters are urging parliament not to forget about them and protecting their rights to stay in the school they want to attend. A group of young people delivered a petition to federal parliament on Wednesday with more than 55,000 signatures calling for all students and teachers to be protected from discrimination. The issue flared in late 2018 after a leaked religious freedom review report raised fears about potential discrimination. Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the time stressed that religious schools had not excluded LGBT students despite powers to do so being passed by the Labor government in 2013, yet he vowed to have the issue resolved by the end of 2018. However, a stalemate in parliament meant the changes stalled. Oscar Kaspi-Crutchett, who was among those delivering the petition, said he couldn’t help wonder what his schooling would have been like if such anti-discrimination laws had been in place when he was younger.

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