ADDED ON: 09/04/2022

Doctors already in short supply in Alberta. Now, imagine trying to find one who’s gay

09/02/2022 | CBC

Finding a family doctor is a challenge for most Albertans. The number of physicians in the province taking new patients has dropped by half since 2020. For those who have unique medical needs, it can be an even greater challenge to find a doctor who understands the particular best practices for working with a given community. For Dr. David Gaunt, a gay doctor in Calgary, seeing members of the LGBT community struggling to find a family doctor is disheartening because he knows the demand for queer doctors and physicians who are allies of the queer community is huge. He estimates his own practice is 10 or 20 per cent LGBT people. It’s currently closed to new patients, with a 90-person wait-list. Gaunt says he doesn’t know any doctors who serve the community currently taking patients. “I get questions every day from people asking, ‘I have these friends that are looking for a family physician that would love somebody who’s gay or at least gay friendly.'”


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