ADDED ON: 09/04/2019

‘Disco outside the Dáil’ protest against Pence visit

09/03/2019 | Irish Times

A “Disco outside the Dáil” organised in protest against the visit of US vice-president Mike Pence drew a crowd to Kildare Street this afternoon. Protesters led by Amnesty International waved rainbow flags, wore Mike Pence masks and danced to music by YMCA and RuPaul, in a demonstration inspired by US LGBT activists. Representatives from Amnesty, Extinction Rebellion, the Union of Students of Ireland, Dublin LGBTQ Pride, the Irish Refugee Council and other activist groups, were among the crowds protesting against the Trump administration’s approach to human rights. Executive director of Amnesty International in Ireland Colm O Gorman told crowds that LGBT activists in Washington had used a similar form of protest when US president Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Mr O Gorman told the jubilant crowds that “the best way for us to defeat hate is to be who we are, to be courageous and bold”.


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