ADDED ON: 11/15/2019

Damning report reveals extent of brutality, violence and persecution LGBT+ people face in Myanmar

11/14/2019 | Pink News

A damning report has revealed the shocking extent of violence and persecution faced by LGBT+ people in Myanmar and has recommended urgent law reform. The report – which was produced by the Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law and Human Rights – tells the stories of LGBT+ people in the Asian country to illustrate the extent of the shocking treatment queer people experience. In November 2016, transgender woman Alinkar and her friends – who are make-up artists – were travelling by motorbike to see a client when they were stopped by police. “The police asked us where we were going, but before we could answer, they were hitting us,” she revealed. “They forced us to kneel with our hands behind our heads. They falsely accused us of dealing drugs and mocked us for being transgender.”


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