ADDED ON: 07/02/2020

Costa Rica Continues to Strive Towards Equality: Same-Sex Couples May Adopt Children

07/01/2020 | The Costa Rica News

Following the legalization of equal marriage, Costa Rica now offers same-sex couples the opportunity for joint adoption and guarantees the rights of children from homo-parental families. On May 26th, a historical milestone was marked in Costa Rica: the legal recognition of equal marriage, thus becoming the first country in Central America to officially accept same-sex marriage and the twenty-ninth (29) worldwide. This significant step has represented not only a valuable achievement in the fight for equality and respect for the LGBT community, but it has also brought with it the recognition of the rights of homoparental and diverse families, who were legally unprotected for years. In Costa Rica, citizens have had the possibility of adopting children, regardless of their sexual orientation. However, joint adoption by same-sex couples was legally prohibited until May of this year.


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