Condoms: A controversial idea for fighting HIV in Jamaican prisons


The doubling of HIV cases in Jamaica’s prisons has resurrected the debate on formally offering condoms to curb the spread of sexually transmitted infections, with a clergyman being the loudest advocate that contraceptives be introduced. A Sunday Gleaner report revealed that a 2018 study conducted by the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) showed that the HIV prevalence rate was 6.9 percent, more than 100 percent higher than the 3.3 percent recorded in 2011. The statistic ranks prisoners as the third-highest risk group behind transgender women and gays. Same-sex intercourse among men is outlawed in Jamaica. Anglican cleric and human-rights campaigner, Father Sean Major-Campbell, said that making condoms available for prisoners was “basic common sense” in response to a public-health crisis.

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