Community survey calls for improved care for transgender Tasmanians


To mark International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31st), Equality Tasmania released a landmark report on transgender people’s experiences in Tasmania. The report details the results of a community survey of over 80 trans and gender diverse adults about their experiences of medically affirming their gender in Tasmania (some people call this ‘transitioning’). Lead researcher and Equality Tasmania board member, Dr Ruby Grant said there were critical shortcomings. “Our community survey found critical shortcomings in the availability and quality of gender affirmation services in Tasmania, forcing some Tasmanians to seek care interstate.” “This is a problem because we know that gender affirmation leads to better health outcomes, but many trans people in Tasmania struggle to access it because of financial or geographical barriers.” The report found Tasmanians wanting gender affirming hormone treatments can face long wait times and poor communication from healthcare providers.

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