Colombia’s Ombudsman calls for protection of sexually diverse individuals


The Office of Colombia’s Ombudsman Monday launched an appeal for the authorities to look after the integrity of LGBTQ people after 35 transgender women have been murdered this year nationwide. “From the Ombudsman’s Office we make an urgent call to all authorities to guarantee the life and integrity of transgender women,” Carlos Camargo posted on social media. The official underscored transgender women “endure marginalization and violence more rigorously,” and demanded a greater commitment from the Government in the investigation of these crimes. Camargo said he believed it was important to determine who is behind these homicides crimes and prosecute them in order to establish whether these acts were hate crimes. The Ombudsman also asked Colombians not to “naturalize hatred and prejudice against people with a diverse sexual orientation and gender identity” and insisted the investigation and resolution of these types of cases be carried out devoid of “biases.”

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