ADDED ON: 03/23/2023

Christian activist charged after violent attack on LGBTQ protesters outside St Michael’s Church in Belfield

03/23/2023 | Sky News

Three men have been charged over a violent ambush on LGTBQ protesters who were picketing outside a Sydney church where One Nation’s Mark Latham was set to speak. New South Wales Police alleged 15 “peaceful” protesters were swarmed by a “mob” of about 500 people outside St Michael’s Church in Belfield on Tuesday evening. Members of the LGBTQ group Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) attended the church to protest Latham’s speech on parental rights and religious freedom. Three men have now been charged with police expecting to make additional arrests as they scour additional footage of the brawl. One of the men charged has been identified as Christian Sukkar, 34, a member of the activist group Christian Lives Matter. Mr Sukkar has been charged with encouraging the commission of crime after he allegedly encouraged Pro-Christian supporters to attend the church in a now-deleted video posted to social media.


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