ADDED ON: 10/29/2019

China’s Longest-Surviving — And Very Illegal — LGBT Magazine

10/28/2019 | Sup China

Beijing-based GS began as a listings and lifestyle magazine geared toward the gay community before evolving into a respected outlet for commentary and longform journalism, dedicated to recording landmark events for the Chinese LGBT community. Twelve years later, amid a tightening media environment, it is the longest-running queer print publication in the country, and believed by many to be the last one standing. In 2015, after a decade in circulation, the Chinese lesbian-oriented print magazine Les+ shut its doors for good when its co-founder and editor Sān Mù 三木 (pen name), or Sam, moved on to other projects. “I’ve had a predicament,” she wrote in a blog post announcing the closure. “Just how much impact can an underground publication have?” Sam tried to sound upbeat about other means of advocacy, but the closure of Les+ came as a blow for another publication, whose staff worked just across the hall: a magazine called GS.


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